Medical Grade

Digital Area Alarm Unit

Precision UK Ltd is a British Manufacturer and World Leaders in supplying Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment compliant with HTM 2022/01, C11 and BS EN 7396. 

Product Features

The CPX Digital Area Alarm is used to monitor pipeline pressure within a ward, theatre, private rooms and other healthcare settings.


High Quality

All alarms are manufactured under our strict BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems and CE 0086 classified as Class iib Medical Device.

2 Year Warranty

CPX offers a “no parts or labour charge” for repairs to alarms that fail due to fault parts or manufacture.

Tested & Approved

Rigorously tested before leaving our depo, Alarms are compliant with each destination’s regulations.

Customer Service

A Lifetime of product support when you purchase directly from Precision UK – our team is there to support you. 

Digital Area Alarm Unit

Pressure is monitored via a transducer in the pipeline downstream from the last AVSU, this pressure is monitored for both high and low pressure (low only for vacuum). A fault on the cabling between the pressure transducer and alarm panel would result in a system fault alarm and as a result the integrity of the CPX cabling is incomparable.

CPX Digital Area Alarm is available in two different and versatile installation models.

The alarm unit provides indication of 3 conditions of gas, normal, Low pressure and High pressure for up to 6 Gas services.

Each service has a green normal, red high pressure and red low pressure indication, vacuum service has a green normal and red low pressure indication and are programmed via an antimicrobial touchscreen display.

  • HTM 02-01 & SHTM02-01 fully compliant

  • Ultra Low 12V Digital Touchscreen Alarm

  • Anti-Microbial laminate label that actively removes bacteria

  • User configurable 1 to 6 gas types

  • Dual circuit pre-loaded gas identification enabling compliance to HTM02-01 criteria

  • Battery back up in case of power failure shall continue to operate for up to 24 hours

  • Modbus ASCI outputs for digital connection to BMS to monitor Live Local pressures within Hospital for all gas types

  • Integration to CPX ‘Hospi-View’ Schematic BMS system

  • Lockable Enclosure

No parts or labour charges for repairs to alarms which fail due to fault parts or manufacture. 10 year compatibility warranty: Install the CPX-DA with confidence that equipment will be available to modify or extend the system for at least 10 years.

All Alarms are manufactured under under our strict BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality management Systems and CE 0086 classified as Class iib Medical Device.

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Digital Alarm – Remote Type


CPX Digital Alarm – Flush Box Type

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